Renewable interest groups and solar vendors are pushing for changes to current net metering statutes. Those changes would increase subsidies paid by Members-Owners who don’t have wind or solar. 

Key points of those changes include:

System Size: Current law limits net metering to systems of 100 kilowatts or less. Proposed changes would increase the size to 500 kilowatts or less. This would allow businesses to put in larger arrays that generate more electricity, reducing the kilowatt hours they purchase from your Cooperative. This shifts more costs to the rest of your Cooperative’s Member-Owners.

 Retail Rate Credits for Net Excess: Paying the retail rate for a kilowatt hour unfairly shifts costs onto Member-Owners who do not have a solar or wind system. It also forces your Cooperative to pay a higher cost to purchase power than it would incur with its own generators.

Annualized Net Metering BillingThis has the same effect as paying retail for any net excess. Annualizing the net metering account would carry the monthly net excess forward as kilowatt hours at a retail rate, not a credit for kilowatt hours at avoided cost.