Net metering is a process that enables Missouri Electric Cooperative Member-Owners with a wind or solar system on their home or business to export power that is in excess of their immediate on-site needs.

If a Member-Owner generates more power than he or she purchases from your Cooperative during the monthly billing period, your Cooperative provides the member with a credit.


Member solar panels generate to the grid: 1,000 kWhs

Member receives from the grid: 950 kWhs

Member receives avoided cost credit for:50 kWhs 

Under current net metering laws, the cooperative is not able to recover distribution expenses and demand costs through kilowatt-hour sales when a member installs a solar array or wind turbine. Those distribution expenses and demand costs are then spread to the cooperative membership without solar or wind to maintain vital infrastructure – distribution lines, poles and equipment, along with the transmission network and power plants delivering 24/7 electricity to all members.